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Short trips
(Less than three hours)

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
(Easy drive, approx. 1.5-2 hours round trip)
This ride is the easiest way to see some of the most beautiful sights of the park. The drive will take you along the canyon floor, past all the major mountains of the park. During the off-season you can drive there in your car, during the on-season only shuttle is permitted. If your plans allow you to spend only a few hours in the park, this trip is a must. (Next time, come for a longer stay, this park deserves it!)
(Length: 6.0 miles/10 km one way).
Weeping Rock
(Short but steep, approx. 0.5 hour round trip)
Very easy walk (although too steep for wheelchairs), takes you to the place where springs continuously drip through the rocks, creating almost mystic atmosphere. You can also walk past this place to Hidden Canyon and Observation Point.
(Length: 0.5 miles/0.8 km round trip, ascent: 100 ft/30 m).
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Lower Emerald Pools
(Easy, approx. 1-2 hour round trip)
Very popular trip on a paved trail, that takes you to lower pool and small waterfall. If you have some spare time, you can visit Middle Emerald Pools using the same trail, too.
(Length: 1.2 miles/1.9 km round trip, ascent: 70 ft/20 m).
Zion - Mt. Carmel Highway
(Easy drive, approx. 1 hour one way)
This is a 10-mile road that connects south and east entrances of Zion Park. You can enjoy beautiful views (including Checkboard Mesa) on the way, and also you can stop in many places on the way and take short side trips along the dry wash streams: you never know what view may open just around the corner!
(Length: 10 miles/16 km one way).
Canyon Overlook
(Moderate, approx. 1 hour round trip)
This trail starts right where the east end of the long tunnel is, and leads to a spectacular view of lower Zion Canyon and Pine Creek Canyon.
(Length: 1 mile/1.6 km round trip, ascent: 160 ft/50 m).
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The Narrows - Riverside Walk
(Easy, approx. 1.5-5 hours round trip)
The Narrows is arguably the most exotic part of Zion Park. The walk starts at the last stop of the shuttle (Temple of Sinawava) and goes upstream along the North Fork of Virgin River, between the cliffs rising high above on both sides of the stream. The first mile of the trail is paved, and wheelchair accessible. You may continue hiking beyond this point, as far as your time permits - as little as half of an hour or as long as several hours. There are many places where the only way to advance is by walking in the water, up to 4 feet deep; the water may seem cold initially, but your feet get used to it quickly, and soon you will find that wading in the water is the most pleasant way of walking. The best season to take this trip is in summer, when the temperature outside is around 100F outside, yet the bottom of the canyon is almost always under the shade, and air is fresh and cold off by the running stream, which makes it the one of most pleasant areas of the park in summer. (There is another way of exploring the Narrows: from the north of the park downstream of the Virgin River. That trip would offer the most spectacular views of the Narrows; however, it is for serious hikers only.)
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Timber Creek Overlook (Kolob Canyons)
(Easy, approx. 0.5 hour round trip)
This trip is in the Kolob Canyons area, the north-west part of Zion Park (accessible from Interstate Highway 15, exit 40). Follows ridge top to small peak which offers views of Timber Creek, Kolob Terrace, and Pine Valley Mountains.
(Length: 1 mile/1.6 km round trip, ascent: 100 ft/30 m).
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