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Quick Facts

Name Zion, a Hebrew word meaning "a place of peace and relaxation", was given to the canyon by Mormon Pioneers in the 1860s. Kolob, in Mormon theology, is a heavenly place close to God.

Size 229 square miles (147,551 acres)

Elevation Lowest: 3,666 ft (1,128 m), Coal Pits Wash in the southwest corner. Highest: 8,726 ft (2,660 m), Horse Ranch Mountain in the Kolob Canyons section.

Visitation In 1920: 3,692; in 1996: 2.5 million.

Plant life Richest diversity of plants in Utah, almost 800 native species.

Animal life 75 species of mammals, 271 birds, 32 reptiles and amphibians, 8 fish.

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Welcome! | About Zion National Park | Activities | Services | Additional information
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